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1. I have assessed the risks inherent in undertaking dives and travel, and understand the hazards of scuba diving including those hazards occurring during boat travel to and from dive sites. I understand that these hazards include, but are not limited to, air expansion injuries, drowning, decompression sickness, injuries occurring while getting on & off the vessel& while onboard, being cut or struck by a boat while in the water, and other perils of the sea. I knowingly and voluntarily agree to accept these risks.

2. I will obey all reasonable directions & instructions issued to me by the staff, relating to any dives or travel I may undertake with EXPERIENCE CHARTERS or its agents. I will obtain permission before getting on or off the vessels.

3. My dive equipment is in current service as recommended by the manufacturer and/or supplier & is in good working order, & I will keep it in current service & good working order for any trips I undertake with EXPERIENCE CHARTERS or its agents.

4. I will not dive beyond my level of training/qualification, experience & equipment

5. Undertaking diving and or travel, I agree to wait a minimum surface interval of 12 hours prior to flying after diving.

6. I will avoid being under the influence of Alcohol or dangerous Drugs when diving.

7. Should there be any material changes to my health that would effect my diving, I undertake not to dive & to make a new declaration to replace this one when fit to do so.

8. Should I be injured I authorize a member from EXPERIENCE CHARTERS or there appointed agent to obtain Medical treatment. I also consent where it is impracticable to communicate with me to receive medical or surgical treatment as may be necessary, & I release EXPERIENCE CHARTERS & or there agents from any demand or claim arising as a consequence of death or injury received by me during my participation in the said activity.

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