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Our company is a family owned company that strives to bring our customers the best, whether you're a diver, or a fishermen. Having a BBQ or just relaxing with a friend for dinner on the cannels.

​Anyone who enjoys the thrill of fishing on the bay or open sea in Melbourne knows that the one way to get the best experience is to opt for Melbourne Fishing Charters from The Reel Thing. The city has one of the finest harbours in the world and we are the operators who ensure you have a thrilling experience of great deep sea fishing.

We are as passionate about the sport as you are and know that a large part of the pleasure of fishing comes from choosing the right Fishing Charters in Melbourne. We like to ensure that the entire trip is fun; we also know that you want to have a comfortable, safe and stable boat to go fishing in and that is what you are assured of, every time you opt for our services.

Regardless of whether you are going out alone or in a group, we can provide you the kind of charter you need.

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