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South Channel Fort is a unique and highly significant 19th Century artificial island. Built during the 1880s, it is part of the strategic defense network of Port Phillip. The island contains gun emplacements, a labyrinth of underground passages and magnificent panoramic views over Port Phillip. It is also a breeding site for the White-faced Storm-Petrel and other important birdlife.

Marine Life

Port Phillip Bay has a vast array of marine life ranging from its friendly Dolphins, Bird life and the Australian Fur Seals 

Keep your eyes on the water while travelling

 from Sorrento to the South Channel Fort, 

you never know when one of Port Phillip bays active 

                                               marine life may call past to say high.  


History Why an artificial island?
It was built as part of the Colony of Victoria’s military and naval strategy in the late 1800s. The triangle of defense included Fort Nepean and Fort Queenscliff. South Channel Fort was constructed to illuminate the South Channel at night and electronically explode mines under attacking ships. As well as gun emplacements, the island also contains an underground keep and the footprint of a now demolished barracks.

Exploring the island Gun emplacements 

There are a number of gun emplacements whose function was for artillery defense of the shipping channel, artillery protection and defense against landings.

Who lived on the island

In its heyday, from the 1890s to 1916, around 100 officers lived and worked on the island. They included artillery men and engineers who manned the fort. Gradually the increased range, rapidity of fire and efficiency of coastal defense guns allowed the entrance to Port Phillip to be protected by gunfire from Fort Nepean and Queenscliff. This resulted with South Channel Fort becoming redundant and deserted by the military


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